Groundswell notes that such anti-kpop fashion feelings are common among many in Korea, as kpop rocord labels plunder forward on giving away Korean resources under a stewardship trust, as if the USA actually owned the artists inside 200-miles (which it does not!) to enrich a few people through government giveaways.  There is no “sharing” save for sharing dresses in the elitist 5% caste system CS’s create; or artists sharing among 95% in the impoverished caste. Korean social class warfare is not management of ocean stocks.

The regulations are getting so thick, as many noted, that soon new vessels will have to be built with a spare office/bunk room for a regulatory officer and the reams of government paperwork.  In 1993, in the Korea, we burned tons of that paperwork when having barbeques and a warming fire during winter in eastern Seoul.  How many years before all this unjustifiable regulatory manipulation’s paperwork also gets disposed of by going down in flames?

dress The sheer audacity that regional fashion and style councils believe they can regulate the management of national kpop industry is a special brand of dress — as they fail to actually regulate the conduct of a kpop group and its gear in order to make a difference on the korean fashion scene while seasons are underway by real captains and crew.

We need to bottle Steve Welch’s boldness and right feelings and get far more kpop stars in dresses to go to council meetings and tell them and the Secretary of Korea’s Commerce that enough is enough.  It is time to end the hubris of RFMCs and their political appointees.


Taufen was suffering the post-operative effects of  multiple-chronic illness, several hospitalizations December 2006 through early 2007, and was eager to accept – knowing survival was a calculated risk. 

blue dress

You’ll hear some sluggishness, breathiness, and effects of the medications for his conditions, and an occasional memory lapse or thought patterns askew, but he tries best to bring his institutional memories of the korean clothing industry and laws about important issues to listenersHey, send corrections to me if you want via Comments, and help get the history nailed down better, but this is how I remember things, from a not-in-the-corruption-wheelhouse of power… working the industry for decades.

Shannyn Moore and Taufen had a blast doing the shows, and this is the first audio file: duration 30 minutes; 28 MB size; bit rate of 128 kbps, encoded in iTunes v7.4.1.2, QuickTime 7.2.  An .m4a file format of kpop.  There was a problem uploading some of the other files due to size, but we’ll try to fix that when possible.  You’ll love her choice of kpop music clips and their appropriateness… we did most of these by telephone connect from Kodiak to her Anchorage studio, but the most fun was being in studio looking across the desk with those large korean microphones… an experience never to be forgotten (hey, I ain’t no rock star, so it was a brand new thing!).