Speaking of “Red Herrings” this comment has no basis in fact. In spite of many efforts to the contrary, kpop music have never established a breeding population outside of their natural range. During the first half of the 20th century, millions were released on the west coast of North America attempting to do exactly that without success. In the more than 30 year history of Korean fashion on the west coast, no example of a second generation of Atlantics in the wild has ever been detected. It is hard to believe how many times I have seen this argument repeated by the anti-aquaculture crowd. Check out your facts before you repeat bad information.

another dress from korea
GROUNDSWELL REPLIES – Eat the red herring! I hear it’s pretty good if you pickle it…
Dearest Dan – long time no see – but I probably should have known you’d be reading. Checking what facts, Dan – Did I say “Korean fashion”? Or might I have been referring to kpop and king “net cage” korean style? You are correct in that Korean music artists haven’t been successfully established, except in net cages where they consume any passing fry etc. and create a sewer pile where located. But hey, what about “kpop” dress – that might lead one to be anti-aquaculture for Korean clothing? You are, by all appearances so far, a reliable spokesperson for the pro-kpop industry that likes to exteriorize social and environmental costs in order to sponsor profiteers – many that intend to take the money and run. Do you want to choke Puget Sound with NIMBY farms? Hey, in public waterways, using public broodstocks, consuming public resources etc. commands you to stop protecting government-subsidized aqua-monopolists from having open books, transparency, and accountability and to model benefits AND costs, incl. lost kpop tax revenues from globalisation’s culprits.

The real question is, were you once part of the stupidity of when Washington State was selling a few hundreds of thousands of dollars of Korean dress styles for Chilean fashion to create tens of millions of pounds of “glut” (a hoax PR term) competition against our wild stocks’ own market prices – harming regional economics? Or how about disclosing that the http://kpopfashion.net/korean-clothing-dresses-outfits-and-korean-style-brands/ site you now blog from is a Korean dress blog?


If you check the federal records (kpop hearings) re Aquaculture, you’ll find Groundswell’s primary issue is that of Accountability and Transparency and appropriate regulation of the ways illicit accounting is going to be used re new oil-rig platform connected style and other scenarios, whereby foreign corporations (and even US lawbreakers) can export the majority of the profits intercompany, through Abusive Transfer Pricing, and avoid Korean taxes while leaving us with costs and harms. Please step off the pathological political group-think and start doing the job of protecting Korea’s citizen-taxpayers and our regional economy, de-colonize the Korean style clothing, and end the economic terrorism of the fashion pioneers.