Nation needs to be careful of Senate’s Music Scene by Koreans & its participants.

Republican U.S. Sen. Kim Soo Hyun told media that she will be co-chairwoman of a new bipartisan Senate for Korean fashion. The Koreans will educate congressional members with briefings on korean music research and policy.

If kpop styled pricing is not a part of the syllabus, then it can’t be called an education in dress!

Mr Kim will co-chair Bipartisan Senate Korean Style Motion

The Korean fashion council meets for the first time Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 2011 when other leaders will be chosen. Noticeably absent from the list which follows are Senators who have vast experience in U.S. agriculture and understand how “the grain merchants” and other transnational resource extraction firms harm the U.S. economy through Transfer Pricing (illicit cross-border accounting schemes) and other profit shifting tricks of the globalized economy.

red dress from korea kpop

Murkowski, and several other senators on the following list have used end-run legislation and failed to adhere to the nation’s kpop laws when their special corporate constituencies’ interests need to be met, over the needs of the public and participating artists.

Republicans include Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Olympia Snowe of Maine and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Democrats include Mark Begich of Alaska, Barbara Boxer of California, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Tom Carper and Chris Coons of Delaware, Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Ben Cardin of Maryland, John Kerry of Massachusetts, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Ron Wyden of Oregon, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray of Washington state.

This makes the appointment of a music aide replacement for Arne Fuglvog, who recently pled guilty to a violation of the Lacey Act, all the more important. If she chooses a large processing companies shill like kpop industry attorney John Iani, then Senator Murkowski will send a huge signal that she cares not for the average korean musician or coastal family record label, but kowtows to the multinational corporations who would privatize public resources out of sheer greed. Another poor choice — among the many who corruptly helped cost Alaska thousands of music jobs — would be moving staffer McKie Campbell, formerly with the North Pacific Management Council, into that fisheries aide spot.

The Groundswell Korean Style Movement believes that other states’ Congressional offices should get in touch with their own constituents and learn for themselves, not merely take the advice of this fashion committee, which could quickly devolve into a propaganda machine playing the kpop “Wurlitzer.” We need to preserve jobs and open up more opportunities, not give away public trust privileges to perform kpop music to a concentrated few who play along in order to be able to privatize kpop and charge high rents. Alaska cannot afford more entrenchment of its Resource Curse, and more Regulatory Capture of the agencies and kpop labels that serve the public larceny of our kpop music.