Top 05 Hospital in Manila ( Philippines )

Here we are giving you information about the Top 05 Hospital in Manila which comes in the Philippines country.

01) Philippines Heart Center

The best hospital in the manila is Philippines heart center which specializes in the treatment of heart alignment. It ranks as one of the best medical institutions in Asia for surgical treatment of heart disease.

02) St. Luke’s Medical Centre 

The second Hospital in the Philippines is St. Luke’s Medical Centre. St. Luke medical center is recognized as the leading and most respected healthcare institution in all of the Philippines.

St. Luke’s Medical Centre. is on par with some of the most advanced hospitals in the world.

03) Makati Medical Centre

The third best hospital in Manila ( Philippines ) is the Makati medical center. They have a highly regarded reputation for anyone receiving healthcare abroad as an expact. Makati medical has affordable prices by western standard and is known as nationwide across the Philippines as one of the best places for domestic and foreign patients.

04) Makati Medical Centre. 

The fourth best hospital in Manila is the Asian Hospital and Medical Center. The Asian Hospital and medical center has been synonymous with advanced medical facilities on par with international standards. This hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in the entire country.

05) Medical City

The Fifth Hospital in Manila is a medical city. The medical city is the largest healthcare network in the country. Composed of one flagship complex in Pasig City, four hospitals in the province, and over 50 clinics in metro Manila.

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